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Date School Course Instructor Odds you'll need the book Comment
April 17, 2014 Johnson County Community College chem 122 Stan Svojanovsky 7 / 10 Alright class, book wasn't super helpful.
May 25, 2013 Johnson County Community College chem 122 Stan Svojanovsky 3 / 10 Stan is extremely competent and professional. He goes out of his way to give great lectures and is very accessible outside of class. His teaching style is very interactive, so if you participate in the lecture, it's almost like guided practice. If you are lazy or don't care, his contempt is pretty obvious. Definitely one of the best professors at JCCC.
April 5, 2013 University of Houston acct 2331 Claire Yan 2 / 10 I wish she taught acct 2332 :( Newman and Milbrath aren't that great. I never opened the textbook when she taught bc she explained things thoroughly. Take her! She's helpful and better than the others
April 5, 2013 College of William and Mary anth 201 Gotz Hoeppe 2 / 10 This was the intro class. Very easy class and I never opened the text books. All the notes you need come from the power points and lectures. No laptops are allowed during lecture, which is good because the professor talks in circles making it really easy to zone out.
April 5, 2013 Truckee Meadows Community College biol 100 Svetlana Khaiboullina 2 / 10 Sit in the front of the class for this one. She has a strong accent and talks quietly but if you can focus on her lecture you will pass. Reviewing the powerpoints she provides on a disc will guarantee you an A. I never opened the textbook, the lecture was thorough enough to get me an A. I hate science but found this class a piece of cake.
April 5, 2013 Texas Tech University hdfs 2303 Gail Bentley 2 / 10 She is a really sweet, great teacher! Never opened the textbook. She posts notes online if 70% of class shows up. The quizzes are an easy percentage of your grade, just show up and right your name on a piece of paper. Take notes on movies, though.
April 5, 2013 Edison State College hum 2250 Catherine Wilkins 2 / 10 Wonderful teacher, very nice. I never opened the text, barely ever studied, but attended most of her classes and still got an A. She is very clear as to what she wants, and you learn a lot. It is actually a fun class!! I highly recommend her.
April 5, 2013 Harper College sych 101 Martin Parker 2 / 10 Never opened the textbook. Used study guide and he did reviews straight from the tests. If you show up and pay attention, you'll be good
April 5, 2013 Molloy College bio 120 Kathleen Dervin 2 / 10 Do not listen to any of these poor reviews!! I never opened the textbook unless i wanted to look at some of the illustrations that were in it. Her tests are right from the notes! No doubt it was a lot of work because it is a great deal of material that needs to be covered. If you study hard and take excellent notes you will do great!
April 5, 2013 Pima Community College psy 215 Daniel McDonnell 2 / 10 Great guy! Lectures can be a bit boring but he tries to keep it funny. The class was insanely easy. I literally never opened the text book and missed class a ton, but still passed with an A. He gives tons of extra credit also. Just study the slides for the exams. I would take him again!
April 5, 2013 Hawaii Pacific University geog 1000 Moshe Rapaport 2 / 10 took this online, very easy, i never opened the text book. all work is through reading posted to black board and then relate that to discussion, also gives ppt's that have a lot of the quiz information in them. simple final paper, easy A if you dont miss assignments.
April 5, 2013 Parkland College hum 107 Thomas Ayala 2 / 10 Worst teacher i have ever had! I took this class online and i felt like i learned nothing! We never opened the text book but about twice, the books we were required to read we only read one, and he was soooo slow at answering e-mails. It seemed all we did all semester was write papers. I would not take his course!!
April 5, 2013 George Washington University trda 1025 William Largess 2 / 10 This guy is AWESOME. If you don't mind showing up to class and occasionally putting in work you will sail right though. I got a's on everything because he hardly read anything. If you make friends in the beginning of the class you can have someone sign you in. I never opened the text book, and had a take home final.
April 5, 2013 Kennesaw State University geog 3350 Matthew Waller 2 / 10 I love Mr. Waller! He is funny and makes notes interesting as they can be. His notes are very organized and he posts the power points online. Show up, take notes, study the STUDY GUIDE (yes!) you'll make an A. I've never opened the text book. I took him for GEOG 1101 and so I took him again! Also, I want to call out whoever wrote that last comment.
April 5, 2013 Texas Woman's University eng 1023 Steven Rizzo 2 / 10 I really enjoyed this class. Mr. Rizzo is very understanding and kind. I pretty much never opened the textbook. He gave us assignments that were supposed to be a certain amount of pages, but he believes that sometimes you are not able to stretch a good paper to be that exact length. He plays the guitar in class sometimes, and is really good at it.